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Tarumi Public Library

Location / Kobe,Hyogo, Japan
Public Library + Bicycle parking+ rotary /

FUJIWALABO, Tato Architects and tomito architecture
Team / Yo Shimada,Takeshi Oka,Yasue Imai,Sayaka Kawahara
design period|Dec 2020 – Nov 2022.
Main Structure, RC , Steel flame
1 basement level 4 floors above ground
Site Area 1740.94㎡
Building Area 1190.42㎡ (68.38% of max 80% of coverage ratio permission)
Total Floor Area 4316.92㎡ (247.96% of max 500% of floor area ratio permission)

A new public library to be built in Tarumi City, Kobe. In addition to the design of the library we have also proposed a redesign of the urban transport network including a rotary on the ground floor and underground bike parking. The library is designed to become a node in the city of Tarumi, with an open rooftop park that overlooks the sea. Learning from the integrated use of the nearby station square, we are planning a space for books and people to actively be in the city, as a library for a new era of urban life. Designed in collaboration with FUJIWALABO, Tato Architects and tomito architecture.

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