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House in Kitano1

Location / Kobe, Japan
Type / House
Family structure / couple

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada
Team / Tatsuya Kokaji
Nakano Koumuten
Two Storey
Main structure – Timber on concrete mat foundation
Site Area 194,3 ㎡
Building Area 56,95 ㎡ (29% of max 60% coverage ratio permission)
Total Floor Area 108,03 ㎡ (55% of max 160% floor area ratio permission)
First Floor 56,95㎡
Second floor 51,08㎡

The site is located in the north of Kitano Ijinkan in Kobe overlooking the city to the south. Towards the north and west rises the prefectural forest. And to the east is located some of the areas tourist spots.
The client runs an Italian restaurant and collects wine as a hobby. Even though the budget was limited, a wine cellar or storage was of high priority in this project, as well as the kitchen and a living space where it would be easy to gather friends for a nice evening.
The building is small 4,5×9 meter, but don’t feel crammed as the south façade open to the city view of Kobe. Furthermore, glass, mirrors and reflective surfaces is used to enlarge the interior space. An example being the wine storage using magic mirrors to reflect and repeat the image if the wines in a never ending pattern.

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