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Location / Osaka, Japan
Type / Candy Store

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada and Keita Kurokoshi

Takashi Manda Structural Design
Team / Takashi Manda, Taijiro Kato

Nomura Kougei
Small Shop
Main structure – Metal elements
Floor area 22.22 ㎡
floor area 22.22 ㎡

A shop draws stares of passersby and changes its expression in response to human motion.

PAPABUBBLE is a chain of art-candy stores, originally founded in Barcelona in 2002. The shops produces candy in a traditional artisanal process and entertains people by showing the candy making process. The brand has shops in 18 countries around the world.
This shop is located near Osaka station and surrounded by various commercial buildings. As the shop area is next to full-height windows, it is open and visible to the flow of pedestrians from all directions.
We wished for the shop to draw the stares of passer-by’s and change its e expression in response to human motion.
The design inspiration of this shop came from the handmade process and the unique texture of candy melting in the mouth.
The shop is build up from square tubes made of punching metal, which is piled up diagonally and cut along the outline of the shop area. The diamond shaped elements functions as both shelves and walls for displaying the colourful candy.
Punching metal was chosen to create the base for an easy hanging system and to represent the candy texture. One of the shop signs is made of rubber strings, interwoven in a cross-stitch pattern in the metal, taking the advantage of the perforated metal.
Production of the tubes were done at a factory. Meaning we just needed to assemble them at the construction site. This method worked out well and resulted in a very limited construction period.
The layer of colours and the moiré pattern effect from the punching metal gives various expressions to the shop depending on the viewing direction. Our intention for this shop was to attract and entertain people by its ever-changing appearance.
its ever-changing appearance.

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