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Location / Hyogo, Temporary
Type / Installation

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada
S³ Associates
Team / Ichiro Hashimoto
Self Build

MEETING, an installation participating in Kobe Biennial ‘Art Project Under Elevated Railway’
The goal of The Art Project Under Elevated Railway is to activate the city by furnishing empty stores and other spaces under the elevated railway, with artworks.
We created a simple oval corridor by installing mirrors in the four corners of the space and hanging optical film on an oval ring in the centre. This way the visitor will continue to follow his or her own reflections from the mirrors and swaying optical film.
The mirrors were installed with 45-degree angles to connect the reflections with each other producing a magical space for the visitor, where they can follow themselves in the ever-lasting corridor.
The optically processed film only 35 micron thick, hung from the oval ring works as a curtain, screening for some views buy at the same time reflecting others. The film is swayed by wind or the movement of the visitor, and thus their reflected figure will continue to sway.
As anchoring onto the existing structure was prohibited, the oval ring, with film attached, are hung from two cambered 25 mm ST square pipes bridging the walls of the space. The structural design was entrusted to Mr. Ichiro Hashimoto at S3 ASSOCIATES.

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