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House in Koutouen

Location / Hyogo, Japan
Family constitution / couple

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada
Main structure – Timber on concrete mat foundation
Site Area 76,53㎡
Building Area 45,84㎡ (59% of max 60% coverage ratio permission)
Total Floor Area 105,23㎡ (137% of max 200% floor area ratio permission)
First Floor 45,84 ㎡
Second Floor 52,28㎡

The site is surrounded on three sides by residential area and the last faces a small empty plot, the road and train track. A demand from the client was to have a home that were shelter from looks from the outside while still light and bright on the outside. Furthermore, locating the basic functions of the house in the first floor was required.
Wooden boards screens the interior from prying eyes, while double height rooms and top lights ensures that it doesn’t become too dark and cramped.
As the client owns many artworks, the walls are white painted plywood boards that makes it easy to hang paintings and more.
Three sides of the façade is covered in steel plates while the forth is covered in wooden boards creating a slightly curved wall that helps soften the hard expression of the exterior.

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