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Dental Clinic in Nakayamate

Location / Hyogo Japan
Type / Interior

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada Takeo Watanabe
Total Floor Area 108.06 ㎡

This clinics design is characterised by the translucent archetypal house-shape inserted into the open white painted concrete space. The volume is inserted, in the space between the concrete beams, allowing for a suitable ceiling height, while still keeping an appropriate distance to the surrounding structure.
In contrast to the rough exposed concrete, the inserted volume creates a smooth, calm and peaceful atmosphere.
The lighting is placed outside the house-shaped volume and is thus filtered through the translucent panels, into the consultation rooms. This creates a clear, uniform and gentle lighting in the rooms, adjusted to a dental workspace, while at the same time considering patients on the tilted dental chairs, as they aren’t blinded by direct light.
Due to the functional challenges such as keeping the space sterile, healthcare facilities tend to be inevitably cold spaces. However, by controlling and filtering the light, it is possible to meet with the functional requirements and at the same time achieve a peaceful spatial environment. .

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