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House in Ohtecho

Location / Kobe, Japan
Type / House
Family constitution / couple

Tato Architects
Team / YoShimada
Nakano Koumuten
Main structure – Timber on concrete mat foundation
Site Area 133,77㎡
Building Area 44,36 ㎡
Total Floor Area 77,38 ㎡

A long narrow road about 2.8 meter in width is the entry to the site of this project, a so-called flag post type, site. Commissioned by a couple in their forties, it was a demand to make space for a garden on the south side, as the wife works as a garden designer.
After deciding the garden areas the house was designed in two stores on the remaining T-shaped plot.
The site was researched well, to decide the placement of rooms and openings in the new house. To observe the possible views from the upper floor level a tall stepladder was brought to the site. From the top of the ladder a scenery very different from the one on ground level opened up. To the northeast was a hidden garden with lots of trees, northwest was a vacant lot very likely to be used in the near future and the southeast had view to the residential area and in the distance Suma and the ocean.
From these findings, the placement of big windows and a large balcony were decided to create a comfortable environment.

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