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Ghost House

Location / Kobe, Japan
Type / House, Conceptual Project, Unrealised

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada

The site of this unrealised project is located on a mountain, with forest and green going upwards to the north and the city of Kobe spreading out below. On the ground level, the view towards South and West is blocked by apartment buildings. Therefore, a height of three-storeys was chosen, allowing the top floor to rise above the apartment building, giving the third floor living space an open panoramic view of the city, while the lower floors have more limited views and are more private in nature.
The second floor is divided by a cross corridor with a spinning half-transparent mirror door in the centre. The reflection and transparency of the material is used to distort the space, and while controlling the scenery, ensure privacy. During both day and night, lighting conditions alter the view, making the space seem to expand or contract
On the lowest floor is placed a small personal office together with a guestroom-storage space surrounded by a corridor with mirror glass in the corners creating and never-ending passage.
By using light, mirrors and the placements of rooms/volumes/spaces, I was planning to create a house where the sense of space and distance was distorted by the mix of real and reflected visual inputs.

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