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House in Toyotomi

Location / Himeji, Japan
Type / House
Family constitution / couple + three children


Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada
Sasahara Kensetsu

Main structure – Timber
99.63 square meters of building area (60% of 36.82% of coverage ratio permission)
128.34 square meters of deferred floor space (100% of 47.41% of floor area ratio permission)
First floor 31.75 ㎡
Second floor 96.59 ㎡

The request for this project came from a family with children, that needed a new house with more space. The site, located close to rich nature in a very new residential area, features a wide variety of large newly build homes. The family requested a large number of rooms, among which was a music room as the farther is a musician.
The front of the site connects to the road level, but quickly rises about two meters, a little further in. Due to the scale of the house, two storeys were needed. To prevent the final volume of the design from feeling too big and heavy, the second floor were designed with the image of smaller volumes, relating to each other like huts or cabins, in mind.
The music room was placed on the ground floor where the sound wouldn’t leak and disturb the residents or neighbours. On the upper floor, the remaining functions were placed in relation to each other and the surroundings.
Fitted with large windows the living room connects to the kitchen and garden. The children’s room is placed in a sunny spot visible from the kitchen. To the north lies the bedroom and the bathroom is in the centre, a little taller than the rest, penetrating the roof allowing lots of light to enter.
In total this house consist of seven huts gathered together to form a living space, you live both in and between. The huts varies in size and materiality creating a variegated expression, which help scale down the building.
In the deck connecting the upper floor, openings are cut where greenery, trees and flowers can grow. The slope that rises from the garage area to the upper floor is also covered in green creating a beautiful field.

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