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Paper Tube Shed

Location / Kiito Kobe, Temporary
Type / Installation

Tato Architects
Team / Yo Shimada

Self Build
Main Structure – Paper Tubes
2,4 x 2,4 x 2,4 m

This installation was designed in collaboration with children during a creative workshop held by Design Creative Centre Kobe. During the workshop architects, graphic designers and chefs worked together with the children to construct a “city” and manage it for four days.
From the start, it was our intention to let the children help construct structure and pavilion from the beginning; rather than we –adults- make a framework and let them decorate it by mounting decorated surfaces as is often done at this kind of events.
The small pavilion was to function as a small shop selling “Nikuman” steamed meat buns. With this in mind, the children created sketches and together we developed the shops design.
By connecting paper tubes using hot glue, we created a steady structure with a white hollow surface inspired by the soft dough of the steamed buns. The shops expression is fully completed when the children in colourful clothes use it.

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